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Let BOND CLEANING BRISBANE take the burden off your shoulders to let you enjoy your leisure time with shopping, cinema, kids, friends and family. We are the best bond cleaning company in Brisbane for last 12 years and gained a lot of house cleaning experience and cleaning expertise to apply for any type of house cleaning job in Brisbane.

You could be busy at work or running around for your daily tasks, let our trained, screened and skilled cleaner to take care of all the housework. Think what a delightful surprise it could be to invite your friends, family or your partner for a dinner or to come home to a completely cleaned, tidy house? We have a variety of eco friendly house cleaning chemicals to suit your loving fragrant and will give you the sweet smell you like for days.

We understand the importance to protect your households. Theft or a security issue could be common in Brisbane area in apartment, house and bond cleaning jobs. At BOND CLEANING BRISBANE, we are pretty aware of such situations and use a special screening process on all of our cleaning staff. We send only the loyal and long survived cleaners to all our house and bond cleaning jobs in Brisbane. We will work with your cleaning plan and cleaning schedule and give special attention to areas you want on daily or weekly basis with your one off or repetitive cleaning job anywhere in Brisbane. We can offer our house cleaning service on on-going daily, weekly or monthly basis.

All our cleaning chemicals are 100% eco friendly and are recommended for use for house and bond cleaning jobs. Every last corner will be looked after and cleaned carefully by our trained cleaning staff. No hidden cost. Our prices are tax inclusive, labour charges, equipment & chemical costs are included in the price. We are fully licensed to perform any type of cleaning job in Brisbane and have insured for public liability.

Have a look at the below checklist to see the attention we pay to different areas in house cleaning. We will include your additional in the list on request please call us on 07 2121 3131 for the best quote in Brisbane.

Checklist for General House Cleaning


Walls & Skirtings Cleaning, Dusting & wiping / removing marks
Windows / ScreensCleaning, Vacuuming & wiping
Blinds/CurtainsVacuuming & wiping
FurnitureDusting, & wiping / Keeping furniture neat & tidy
Power/Light SwitchesDusting & wiping
FloorVacuuming  & moping all edges & corners


Doors/Walls/Skirtings/ScreensDusting & wiping / Removing oil & greases
Windows / ScreensCleaning, Vacuuming & Wiping
Blinds/CurtainsDusting  & wiping
Cupboards/DrawersDusting & wiping
Benches/Tilings/SplashbacksWiping down / Removing oil & greases
Sink/Disposal unit/TapsCleaning,Wiping down / Removing oil & greases
Stove top/GrillCleaining,Wiping down / Scrubbing / Removing oil & grease
OvenCleaning,Wiping down / Removing oil & greases
MicrowaveCleaning,Dusting & wiping (Inside & Out)
RefrigeratorCleaning,Dusting & wiping (Outside & Edges)
DishwasherCleaning,Dusting & wiping in out side (Cleaning inside & filters on request)
FloorCleaning,Vacuuming  & moping all edges & corners


Doors/Walls/Skirtings/ScreensCleaning,Dusting & wiping / Removing marks
Wardrobe/Drawers/ShelvesDusting & wiping / Removing marks
FurnitureDusting & wiping  / Keeping neat & tidy
Windows / ScreensCleaning,Dusting & wiping / Removing marks
Blinds/CurtainsVacuuming & wiping with clean cloths
FloorCleaning, Vacuuming & moping all edges & corners


Doors/Walls/Skirtings/TilingCleaning,Dusting, wiping & removing marks
Windows / ScreensCleaning,Wiping, washing down & removing marks
BathCleaning,Wiping, washing down & removing marks
Shower/Shower ScreenCleaning,Wiping, scrubing & removing any build ups
Basin/VanityCleaning,Wiping /washing down & removing marks
Mirrors/CabinetsCleaning mirrors
Towel railsCleaning,Dusting, wiping & removing marks
Toilet (doors/walls/floor)Cleaning,Dusting & wiping /washing down & removing marks
FloorCleaning,Vacuuming & moping all edges & corners


Doors/Walls/SkirtingsCleaning,Dusting, wiping & removing marks
Exhaust Fans/Light fittingsCleaning,Dusting & wiping /removing marks
Power/Light switchesCleaning,Dusting, wiping & removing marks
Wash tubs & cupboards underCleaning,Vacuuming, washing & removing pieces of soap, scale & lint
Washing Machine/DryerCleaning,Dusting & wiping in out side  (Cleaning inside on request )


Balcony/DeckSweeping / Removing cobwebs / moping / removing marks
Garage/StoreroomSweeping out , washing walls
Staircases/RailingsWiping & vacuuming / Removing  all cobwebs

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