End of Lease Cleaning is similar term for bond cleaning, moving out cleaning or exit cleaning. We are at Bond Cleaning Brisbane has been in the industry for more than 12 years and gained a substantial amount of experience and expertise in bond cleaning business in Brisbane area.

We are working with almost all leading real estate companies in Brisbane and we know the quality of bond cleaning service they expect from tenants. Let us do your bond cleaning to help you with your full bond refund. Do not mess with this hectic job as it could lead to many complications and arguments with the final inspection reports from real estate companies. Let us handle them and sort it out for you with our cheapest bond cleaning quote you can ever get in Brisbane for the service we offer. In case of an instance where they are not satisfied 100% with the bond cleaning job we performed, we send our cleaners back with a site supervisor at a no cost within 48 hours to sort the matter out. As bond cleaners with experience of more than 12 years, we know where things can go wrong and we keep the ends tight to win our precious customers and real estate companies.


Bond Cleaning Brisbane Prices

For One Cleaner
Studio $149 $99(2hrs)
1 B/Rooms $199 $149(2hrs)
2 B/Rooms $249 $199(3hrs)
3 B/Rooms $279 $229(4hrs)
4 B/Rooms $289 $229(4hrs)
5+ B/Rooms $299 $299(5hrs)
Additional Time $44 $39(Per Hr)

For Two Cleaner
Studio $199 $149(2hrs)
1 B/Rooms $249 $199(2hrs)
2 B/Rooms $299 $229(3hrs)
3 B/Rooms $349 $299(4hrs)
4 B/Rooms $399 299(4hrs)
5+ B/Rooms $469 $369(5hrs)
Additional Time $79 $69(Per Hr)

Check list for Bond Cleaning Service we offer for all our Brisbane clients

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Cleaning, Vacuuming & Moping of floors, edges, corners
  • Cleaning, Dusting & Wiping of walls, skirting, doors, windows
  • Dusting, Cleaning & Wiping down of all cupboards & draws
  • Wiping, Cleaning of benches, splash backs & tiles
  • Cleaning, Vacuuming, Wiping of all windows, blinds & curtains
  • Cleaning, Wiping down of sink, taps and disposal unit
  • Cleaning, Wiping down on oven and scrub on stove & grill
  • Cleaning inside & out Dusting and Cleaning of microwave oven
  • Cleaning, outside Dusting & wiping of refrigerator
  • Cleaning, Dusting & Wiping the dishwasher

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Cleaning, Dust and wipe of walls, skirtings and doors
  • Cleaning, Wipe down of bench and mark removal from tiles
  • Wipe and wash of all windows and mirrors
  • Cleaning, Washing & wiping of bath, vanities & basins
  • Cleaning, Washing & wiping of bath, vanities & basins
  • Wiping, Cleaning, Scrubbing build up of shower and shower screens
  • Cleaning, Dusting, Wiping of towel rails
  • Cleaning, Washing down, Dusting & Wiping toilets
  • Cleaning, Vacuuming & moping of floors, edges & corners

Dining/Lounge Room

  • Cleaning, Dusting & wiping of all walls, skirting and light switches
  • Cleaning, Dusting & wiping down of all furniture
  • Cleaning, Vacuuming & wiping of all windows, blinds & curtains
  • Cleaning, Vacuuming, Moping of floors, edges & corners


  • Cleaning, Dusting & wiping down walls, fittings, doors & skirting
  • Cleaning, Dusting & Wiping down of draws, wardrobe & shelves
  • Cleaning, Dusting & wiping down of furniture on request
  • Vacuuming, Cleaning & wiping of all blinds, windows, & curtains
  • Vacuuming, Cleaning & moping of floors, edges & corners


  • Cleaning, Dusting & wiping of walls, doors & skirting
  • Cleaning, Dusting & wiping of exhaust fan, switches & light fittings
  • Cleaning, Vacuuming & Washing of wash tub and cupboards
  • Cleaning, Dusting & Wiping outside surface of dryer & washing machine


  • Cleaning, Sweeping & cobweb removal in balcony & deck
  • Cleaning, Sweeping and wash of garage and storeroom
  • Wiping, Cleaning & vacuuming cob removal from railings & staircase