Our office Cleaning Brisbane Service will provide reliable and professional service for your business .

Being the market leader in bond cleaning & office cleaning services for more than 12 years in Brisbane, we can provide the best quote for any cleaning job during the day, evening or night. Our office cleaning jobs are being constantly monitored by our field cleaning supervisors & do site reports on activities. Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a fully insured & licensed cleaning company in Brisbane that covers the property & its possessions from any possible damage.

office cleaning Brisbane

Office Cleaning Check List

Entry, Reception, Lobby & Customer Area Cleaning

  • Dusting, wiping down & detailed cleaning of desks and tables
  • Removing and cleaning of hand / finger marks on glasses, doors, walls, light switches
  • Cleaning of external, internal windows, glasses and doors
  • Removal of cobwebs in all areas
  • Cleaning & Vacuuming, Moping and buffing of all floors
  • Dusting & Cleaning of wall fittings, air vents & grills
  • Moping, & sweeping of staircases inc. handrail

Common rooms, office rooms & other rooms cleaning

  • Cleaning, vacuuming and steam cleaning of carpeted floors
  • Vacuuming, moping & buffing of hard floors
  • Cleaning, wiping, dusting of window ledges and skirting boards
  • Cleaning and removing of hand marks on doors, walls, light switches
  • Dusting, cleaning and wiping down of all office fittings, filing cabinets, furniture
  • Collecting of rubbish bins including recycle bins

Toilets Cleaning

  • Detailed cleaning & disinfecting of urinals, seats, lids and fittings
  • Cleaning, washing of drains and manholes
  • Spot, detailed cleaning and moping of showers and tiles
  • Cleaning doors, door grills & pipes
  • Cleaning doors, door grills & pipes
  • Spotless cleaning of mirrors
  • Spot cleaning, detailed cleaning of marks on dividing walls
  • Cleaning hand marks on doors, walls, light switches
  • Cleaning & disinfecting on floor drains to remove odours

Detailed cleaning of kitchen & dining areas

  • Clean sinks, cupboards and splash backs
  • Cleaning and wiping down all bench top surfaces
  • Spot & detailed cleaning outside & inside surface of refrigerator
  • Cleaning outside & inside of microwave oven
  • Detailed cleaning and disinfecting of drains
  • Cleaning and removal of rubbish to designated disposal points

Brisbane Office Cleaning Offers

  • Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning services
  • 24/7 Customer Support Service
  • Cleaning Supervision
  • Affordable Prices
  • Professional Cleaning Staff