Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Our ‘Green Cleaning Philosophy’ (GCP) means to use eco friendly bond cleaning solutions and methods to keep our environment protected for future generations.

At BOND CLEANING BRISBANE we actively participate in protecting our environment by using environmentally approved chemicals in all our cleaning jobs performed in Brisbane rather than using cheaper environmentally harming heavy metal chemicals. We do care our environment by keeping the carbon foot print at a minimum level and we use only safe bio degradable, low phosphate and non-toxic chemicals that complies with BOND CLEANING BRISBANE’s green guidelines.

We are proud of ourselves in keeping up with the latest cutting edge technology and providing our cleaning services with the latest tools and machineries in all our Bond Cleaning and other Cleaning Jobs. Our never ending continuous improvement cycles help us to improve the quality of our bond cleaning services and to keep us updated with latest news about the bond cleaning industry.

That is our 100% Clean & 100% Green policy