Pre/Post Construction Cleaning Brisbane

We have a trained cleaning staff to perform Builders Cleaning in Brisbane, Pre / Post Construction Cleaning, pre sale cleaning, for any constructions site at different stages of the building being built.
We are well equipped with latest cleaning machinery to perform any hard cleaning job in anywhere in Brisbane. Let our experienced staff handle the hard cleaning part for you to perform your work smoothly. Our cleaners are well trained to handle even the most harsh, dusty and noisy cleaning conditions.

Our construction cleaning services & construction debris removal include the following;

  • Removing tape, tarps, and plastic coverings
  • Cleaning of window and glasses and scraping of over sprayed areas
  • Cleaning, dusting & debris removal from ducts, exposed walls, pipes, ceiling, light fixtures
  • Sweeping & vacuuming of dusty floors & window sills
  • Removal of junk, extra drywall, wood, debris & metal
  • Removing cut-outs, screws, boxes, screws, nails, paper and pallets
  • Scrubbing & cleaning tiles, sinks, polish stainless steel & wipe walls
  • Cleaning, Sweeping entire interior and exterior
  • Washing of interior
  • Wash of external window glasses
  • Washing of plumbing fixtures
  • Removing labels and protective plastic from bathtubs, windows, toilets & sinks
  • Cleaning counter tops
Builders Cleaning Brisbane
Builders Cleaning

We Guarantee High Quality Construction Cleaning Services. no matter the construction project were super huge or small housing project, we will provide tailor made cleaning solution to match your need.

construction Cleaning Brisbane