House Washing Brisbane – Water pressure cleaning

House Washing Brisbane – Water pressure cleaning


Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog by Bond Cleaning Brisbane!. Today I am going to provide you some tips and tricks regarding house washing Brisbane.

Now it is great isn’t it? That you have your own house filled with your desired material, furniture, things of comfort and most of all your pieces of memories. These are preserved in that house and too much extent, derived from that house; hence you must keep it clean that’s for sure. Now keeping your house clean is one heck of a job. The purpose of this article is to inform you about some of the useful tips and tricks that would help you keep your house nice and shiny.

For best house washing choose the right water pressure cleaner

Choosing the right water pressure cleaner is important. The material on which you are about to pressure spray should be kept in mind and the intensity with which you will spray.
If you have soft and relatively light material on your house then the pressure would be in between 1200 – 1500 psi (pounds per square inch).

For stronger surfaces the water pressure range should be in between 2500 – 3500 psi. And most machines come with many features; hence if you plan to use some cleaning solution make sure it has a detergent box/dispenser.

1.     Don’t Use a ladder and if you do be extremely careful

If you are planning to do the cleaning by yourself you better make sure that you are secured form every aspect. Using a ladder can be a lot risky that is why it is highly recommended that you shouldn’t use a ladder. Instead hire an expert individual or a team like us to do the work for you.

2.      Removing your surrounding items

While water pressure cleaning Brisbane always remove the extra items from your surroundings such as your plants, toys, clothing etc so that no damage occurs and all of your items remain safe and secure.

3.     Cover your eyes and clothing

When conducting water pressure cleaning Brisbane you should cover yourself with water proof clothing and protect your eyes especially when washing from a higher ground.

4.     Most Important, avoiding power cables

This is probably the most important factor to keep in mind when house washing Brisbane. Power lines contain high amount of charge and it is very important to stay safe from it. It can end in a very catastrophic situation if you do not protect yourself.

That is why while house washing Brisbane you should consider calling Us to help you!. We can clean your pavements, parking lot, drive bay, roofs, gutters, different surfaces, and much more. If you want to learn more about our cleaning service just click here.
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Thanks a lot for reading about house washing Brisbane. Keep in touch! 🙂


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