Domestic House Cleaning Brisbane

Domestic House Cleaning Brisbane


Domestic House Cleaning Brisbane

Hi Guys! And welcome to another blog from bond cleaning Brisbane 🙂

Today we are going to be talking about house cleaning in general (Domestic House cleaning Brisbane). And as usual I will be giving a few tips and tricks to help settle things a little more, so let’s not waste more time and dig into the topic.

For some reason I have always thought, “How can I keep my house clean without much effort? I know keeping my house clean requires my time and attention. But unfortunately that is something I don’t have.”

And now I am thinking that you must be suffering from a similar situation. But don’t worry these problems are only there if we do not resolve them. Hence, in order to solve these problems we have to ways. First way is “DO IT ON YOUR OWN WAY” & the second one (which is way better believe me) is to order a cleaning service.

Domestic House Cleaning Brisbane Tips:

Now the tips which I am about to give you have been verified and are extremely helpful. Though they are off minor nature but hey, small things lead to big outcomes.

  1. Say No to Pet Hair:

I know you love having your pet on your sofa, your bed and other furniture. But pet hair can be a nasty thing… it can lead to various types of allergies and different problems. Some people can’t stand seeing pet hair, imagine your guests complaining; wouldn’t it be embarrassing? So the solution is to use a rubber dishwasher glove and make it wet. You can then place it on the areas having pet hair. It will stick to it nicely and you can easily remove the small hairs.

  1. Remove food odors from your crockery:

Many plastic crockery items end up having the smell of the food that was previously present in it. You can easily get rid of the smell by using hot water & 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Wash it with this combination, the odor is bound to go away.

  1. Doodle Remover:

If you’re a mother with little creative children running around you must have seen their doodling on the walls of your beautiful home. And while appreciating their creativity you must have thought how to remove the colors present on the wall. Well then you can do it by using a sponge by soaking it in warm water. The water should contain baking soda. Use the damp sponge on the wall to remove the marks.

  1. A clean hair brush everyday:

Yes, you read it right! You can have a clean brush every day. This according to me is the best tip by domestic house cleaning Brisbane because I had much trouble before knowing this trick myself. So the tip is to use a take a bowl and fill it with warm water. Then pour a little dish washing liquid in it. Mix it well and leave your hair brush dipped it in for a good amount of time. This will leave your brush clean and shiny 🙂

  1. Untangle difficult jewelry:

Females usually have a lot of jewelry. Keeping it organized and in shape is necessary. Most of the time, bracelets and necklaces get tangled especially if you leave them laying around in a hurry. So if you ever come across such a tangled item use Baby powder. That’s right…sprinkle some on the top & then you can easily untangle it with your hands.

  1. Keeping your kitchen cabinets grease-free:

While working in your kitchen you may have noticed how your cabinets become greasy after some amount of time. It looks dirty & since your cabinets contain different food items, it is necessary to have germ and smell free cabinets. Hence, every once in a while use a little mixture of dish washing liquid and warm water. Then, using a cloth swipe your cabinets with it, be sure to use a dry cloth in the end.

  1. Cleaning your windows:

Don’t use a cloth to clean your windows as it will leave marks. Use a good quality window spray and an old newspaper. Using a newspaper is better because number one, you’re recycling and number two, your windows won’t have any marks.

  1. Last tip from domestic house cleaning Brisbane:

The last and best for today is to use a little cordless hand vacuum cleaner. This would do wonders for you as you can use it easily, anywhere and anytime!Hand-vacuum-coordless

So here we are the best tips for domestic house cleaning Brisbane organized especially for you. But in case you are extremely busy or happen to have a lot of cleaning to do remember to use our service by clicking here. If you have any queries and would like to know more click here.
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Thanks for reading 🙂

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